3 Excel Pricing Templates

Our pricing templates has solutions for all pricing related problems and issues so don’t waste your time and download it right now by clicking on following download button. It has great editing features and you can change its each and event element in Microsoft excel after successful downloading. After grand opening of a new business or company you will need something effective to let your customers know that how much money you will charge them for goods or services you are selling and that is an easily understandable pricing list. Price sheet is another name of pricing list and can be made easily through pricing template.

Benefits of pricing templates

Basically pricing list is a document indicating price details of goods, products and services available in a company outlet or grocery store so customer can easily have idea about pricing of the stuff without asking from store keeper or owner. A pricing list may include information such as name of the product or service, price per unit, sales tax, price including sales tax and price excluding sales tax etc. Having a detailed and updated pricing list at place helps a lot in customer dealing process.

Many companies and stores display pricing lists along with products or goods and many other companies publish pricing lists on their professional websites which means a customer can easily find out price of required good or product online using an internet connection. If you are a store owner or just about to start a new selling business, we strongly recommend you to create pricing lists with help of a pricing template. The template is created in Microsoft excel program and a user can also open the pricing template in Microsoft excel after downloading to make necessary alterations to make personalized pricing lists or price sheets for a business or store.

See Our Excel Pricing Templates Here

Pricing List Template

pricing template 1

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Price Sheet Sample Template

pricing template 2

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Excel Price Sheet Template

pricing template 3

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