5 ID Badge Templates

Start making your own ID badges on personal computer via ID badge template and save your money and time. It has all essential fields to add details and information in ID Badge you are making and it is downloadable for free. ID badge is a document that identifies details and information of the holder. Generally ID badges serve to identify the owner’s personality for various reasons. ID badges can be used in schools, companies, workplaces and events to reveal the role of person in the place. ID badges frequently work as VIP passes to offices, clubs, conferences or limited access areas such as executive office of the company or business.

Information included in ID badge template

An ID badge may indicate details about the holder such as name of the person, designation or role in the business establishment or company, employee or member code, contact details and visible picture etc. Professional designers and printing agencies provide their services for making and printing ID badges but it may increase your costs. Creating and printing your own ID badges online via ID badge template is the best way that you can cut costs while giving them a finished appearance. You can get ID badge template here for free.

Microsoft word is a featured word processing program that lets a user to make ID badges from scratch in favorite design or layout but as a fresh person if you are not familiar with MS word functions then you can utilize a suitable ID badge template to make and print ID badges in office or at workplace. ID badge template is a document loaded with blank fields that you can fill with own details such as name, ID number and picture etc. Editing of the other elements of ID badge template is also very easy in Microsoft word program.

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Employee ID Badge Template

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Doctor  ID Badge Template

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Blank ID Badge Template

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ID Badge Template Example

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Compnay ID Badge Template

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