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Looking for a simple and easily editable statement of work template? Just stop your search because on this webpage you can find a totally free and editable statement of work template. Statement of Work is a document that defines the tasks or works to be accomplished or the services to be delivered by the chosen contractor or service provider as per mentioned terms and conditions in the agreement or contract. A statement of work is recognized as a very powerful project management tool to get things done properly in timely manner. Statement of work itself is not an agreement but can be the vital part of a contract or agreement.

Contents of Statement of Work Template

Writing a statement of work ahead of time is the best way to accomplish a particular job or project without going out of track. Investing a bit of time into creating a detailed statement of work will help to make sure that work is being performed by the contractor according to your specifications and expectations. Statement of work is useful document for the customer as well as for contractor. For instance, a contractor must cover all areas of the job or project to get paid and a customer or client cannot force the contractor to do extra work which is not mentioned in the statement of work.

By clearly defining the work to be done it is more likely that the work is completed according to the project plan developed ahead of time to give a project or work a finished look. Usually, the statement of work is written in a precise and definitive language that is relevant to the particular field for which you are making it. Drafting a statement of work will be much easier and fluent for you if you are using a particular statement of work template.

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