5 Wholesale Price List Templates

Whether you are running a big retail store or selling products at small scale, you can use price list template to create good looking and easy to understand price lists to provide customers price details. After downloading the price list template, you will need to adjust basic areas of template such as company or store name, product description and price details to create custom price lists in short time. Whenever a customer walks in the store or company outlet, he or she looks at price list to have an idea about price of goods or products available for sale to make an order according to the budget he or she has for purchases.

Price list template for any business or store

Price list is must have document for all businesses, companies and stores so customer can get price details easily to make a final decision to buy something. A price list usually indicates details such as description of goods, price range, any discount offered by the store or seller, price after discount and other conditions etc. Price list can be a handmade document on simple writing paper or a printed piece of paper loaded with price details. One can make a computerized price list quickly with help of price list template.

Creating a price list from scratch is not a challenging job because it sounds like a simple list of things with price range and anyone can make it on computer via Microsoft excel. Price list templates and samples are also available on internet that can give a user helping hand while making price list for a store or company. A user can customize the price list template easily using great editing features of Microsoft excel. If you need a price list template then simply go for the bottom of page and hit the download button to save price list template in your computer.

Get Price List Templates Here

Blank Price List Template PDF

price list template 1

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Price List Template  Printable

price list template 2

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Price List Template Example

price list template 3

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Sample Price List Template

price list template 4

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Price List Sample

price list template 5

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