3 Attendance Excel Templates

Whether you are working as a human resources professional or as a teacher in school, you may required to cope with a vital task and that is tracking attendance of employees or students and you can do it easily with help of an attendance excel template. Attendance tells the company or any other organization that either employees or students are attending workplace or classes regularly or not. Keeping track of attendance is one of the basic and most important tasks of almost all business organizations, companies, training centers and academic institutes just like schools etc. Attendance tracking will be much easier for you if you are using attendance excel template for this purpose.

Easily customizable attendance excel template

Attendance report, attendance sheet or attendance list are different names of the same document that lets a user to note down attendance details and information of students or employees for a particular period of time. For example, an attendance sheet may be prepared by the business organization to indicate the status (present or absent) of all employees at the workplace. Attendance sheets give the human resources or accounting department of the company to calculate salaries of employees or workers at the end of month or salary period.

Business organizations, companies and academic institutes prepare attendance sheets or lists as per their rules and policies. Attendance list or sheet can be made manually on paper but if you really want to keep track of attendance in professional manner then you must download and use an appropriate attendance excel template. Following attendance excel template will work really well for all business establishments, companies, schools, clubs and churches etc. A user will only need to modify basic details such as name of the organization or academic institute, date and name of students or employees along with other essential details.

Get Attendance Excel Templates Below

School Attendance Sheet Excel Template

attendance excel template 1

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Blank Attendance Template Excel

attendance excel template 2

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Attendance Sheet MS Excel

attendance excel template 3

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