3 Excel Pricing Model Templates

It is said by experts that “Knowing the right price to charge for a product or service can make or break your business”, so try to use our excel pricing model template and determine logical pricing for products or services you are providing to customers. Pricing model is a great tool that helps a business or company in whole process of estimating the price for product or services. A good pricing model serve as a helping hand in calculating a price of a particular good, product or any other thing based on cost of production and probable profit margin.

Excel pricing model template is easily editable

Pricing models are used by vendors, companies and manufacturers to determine logical price for goods or products in order to earn handsome profit by providing goods or products to customers on reasonable price. Determining average price for goods or services can play a vital role in success of a business or company. Charging your customers much for goods can cause losing customers and selling with a lower profit margin can cause dumpy incomes or earning so you must decide price for your goods using a pricing model to generate more customers as well as earning handsome amount of profits and incomes.

Effective pricing is important to establish how much your target customer or market will pay for your product or service so you should use a pricing model to decide average price for goods or services you are providing. Pricing of goods or services can directly affect your sales and revenues that is the reason experts always suggest use of pricing model to get help in this regard. At the bottom of page you will see excel pricing model template which is specially prepared for beginners like you who are confused about pricing of goods or services to set it right.

See Our Pricing Model Templates Below

Sample Pricing Model Template

 pricing model template 1

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Product Pricing Model

pricing model template 2

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Complete Pricing Model Guide

pricing model template 3

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