3 Personal Financial Statement Templates

Whether you are a lender or equity owner and want to know about exact figure of profit generated in recent year, then we sternly recommend you to get help of personal financial statement template to make a personal financial statement yourself. After downloading the personal financial statement template you will need to add incomes and expenditures and you will get a figure of profit or loss generated in results. Financial statement is an accounting tool to know the financial worth of an individual person, business or company during the recent accounting year and personal financial statement is used to indicate financial position of a sole business owner or landlord etc.

Purpose of personal financial statement template

Personal financial statement is a vital document loaded with summary of all financial activities and transaction made by an individual person or business owner including expenses and incomes. Personal financial statement is prepared to determine the ability of a businessman or general person to generate cash as well as uses of that cash. Personal financial statement helps people a lot in decision making process for making more investments or to start new business activities based on figure of profit or loss generated.

Making a personal financial statement will easier than making a business financial statement because of complex elements of the business financial statement. Personal financial statement is simply a comprehensive summary or cash outflow and inflow in mentioned period of time and you can make one simply using personal financial statement template. If you want to stay away from errors and mistakes when making a personal financial statement, then we recommend you to make one in Microsoft excel with help of a detailed and easily editable personal financial statement template. Below you can download free personal financial statement template prepared in MS excel.

Get Personal Financial Statement Templates Here

Personal Financial Statement Free

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Blank Personal Financial Statement

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Example of Personal Financial Statement

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