4 Warranty Card Templates

Now you can design warranty cards for your own products and goods on personal computer using warranty card template. It sounds like a blank but productive tool that lets a user to make warranty card just in minutes. Warranty is a written promise made by the company or manufacturer with customer to repair or replace the product in case of damages or unsatisfactory performance. On another hand warranty card is a document stating the terms and situations in which repairs or exchanges will be made by the company in the event that the product does not function or work well as originally described by the company or seller.

Purpose of warranty card template

In these days, large number of products and devices come with warranty cards so a customer can get free repairing by the company or manufacturer if product is not working as mentioned by the company in user manual or booklet. Warranty card provides basic and essential details about the product and warranty information such as description of the product or device, date of purchase, terms and conditions about warranty, procedure to follow for warranty claims and address of the company or manufacturer with contact details etc.

Warranty cards are usually packed in the product container or device box for easy access and to be filled at the time of sales transaction. According to the regulations and terms of many companies, a customer must come with the stamped and properly filled warranty card in order to claim the warranty. If you want to make warranty cards for your products or devices personally, we recommend you to download and use warranty card template because it will save your time and money when making warranty cards yourself. Simply download the warranty card template in your computer and fill in the blank fields with your own details.

Warranty Certificate Templates Free Of Cost

Sample Warranty Card Template

warranty card template 1

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Warranty Certificate Example

warranty card template 2

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Warranty Card Sample Free

warranty card template 3

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Warranty Card Template PDF

warranty card template 4

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